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Institute for Anthropological Medicine

is a non-profit, philanthropic institution, whose mission is to improve quality of life and to develop new position of human, based on personal responsibility.
OMI glorifies freedom, free will and possibility of choice, power of deciding and personal responsibility and it appreciates quality over quantity.

The institute was founded with intention of studying traditional healing methods and valuing therapeutic potential of natural remedies. Today it outgrows the frames of medicine, just like the concept of health outgrows personal welfare. Still, OMI puts an individual and his human rights before interests of a group. It welcomes mutual understanding and promotes individual diversity and social variety, however, by coexistence, not by merging. It encourages preservation of natural heritage and national and cultural identity.


Scientific valuation of therapeutic potential of natural remedies. First pillar – RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT.

Praxes that pass through the sieve of scientific testing are carried out and taught at counseling office through individual counseling. This represents second pillar of activities – PROFESSIONAL WORK.

Wider education of general public through printed matter, audio and video material, as well as through organization of lectures and consultations represent third pillar – EDUCATION.

Financial means for activities and connection in this field provides OMI FOUNDATION. Its vision is affirmation of OMI Institute as a mediator between different doctrines, as with globalization and mixing of cultures this area has become diverse and sensitive.